My name is John. On January 23, 2012 I decided to change my life by losing weight and living a healthier life. Since then I've lost over 75 lbs, discovered the joy of running, and changed how I see and eat food.


May Goals, Revisited


With the crazy week I’ve had, I completely forgot about this. So here we are, better late than never.

  • Try three new foods. Umm… Hmm… Well, I tried chia seeds and flaxseed meal, so I guess that counts? Haven’t tried anything else though.
  • Hit my 10% goal. Soooo close! I have roughly 3 pounds left. And I’m definitely getting an iPad when I hit it.
  • Cut back on sugar. I think I have? I haven’t really been tracking this.
  • Work out more. Well, I tried out YAYOG, so that’s a start. Need to be regularly doing it though.

Slacking a bit with these, need to get focused for the last couple of weeks!

May Goals

A new month means new goals!

  • Try three new foods. I like this one, so I’m gonna do it again.
  • Hit my 10% goal. I’m only 5-6 pounds away from hitting my 10% goal, so I think I can do it this month. And that means I’ll (probably) get an iPad (still debating on getting it either at 10% or 15% haha).
  • Cut back on sugar. I know I sort of did something similar for my weekly challenge this week, but I need this to be more long-term as well. Sugar/sweets is my big weakness.
  • Work out more. I know this is really generic, but I need to work out more than just the 30 minutes twice a week that I’ve been doing. Need to step up my weight loss a bit more. And I feel so good after working out, why not do it more?